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MMSI provides media services to manufacturers, agencies, and publishers including, but not limited to:

  • Agency of record (AOR) responsibilities
  • Competitive analyses
  • Multiple scenario analyses
  • Planning only
  • Program execution only
  • Media vehicle profiling
  • Media seminars and training
  • New business capabilities

The MMSI unique buying model:

  • Aids in realizing real dollar savings for your company
  • Successfully achieves significant cost savings for clients
  • Proves to be popular and beneficial among participating publishers

Veterans intimately involved with the business

  • Bring experience and dedication to the negotiations
  • Maximize investment through highly targeted, strongly negotiated, relevant media solutions

Keen understanding of the professional advertising marketplace

  • Long histories with all media properties
  • Ability to offer our clients an advantage by being able to evaluate, at a glance, the value of any deal within the industry

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